Class Descriptions and Locations


Fitness Firm for Yoga and Pilates

6934 Miami Avenue, Suite 7

Cincinnati , OH , 45243

Hatha Yoga

Tuesdays 6 to 7

Restorative yoga

Thursdays 6 to 7




Hatha Yoga  –

 A hatha class is a slow-paced class with some simple breathing exercises, basic poses and perhaps seated meditation. This is a good place to learn beginners’ poses, relaxation techniques, and become comfortable with yoga.

Restorative Yoga –

Restorative Yoga utilizes props including blankets, bolsters and blocks, to support the body in poses.  When the body is supported in this way, it responds by deeply relaxing.  This is a beneficial practice that helps to counter the stress of everyday life.  It’s a meditative style that leaves you feeling open and refreshed.